• A Typical Sunday

Welcome to church! Let’s walk through what happens on Sunday at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Church services may be altered to follow public health guidelines. Images and descriptions of Church services and activities in this journey do not reflect these changes.


This is the building where we meet for Sunday services but also throughout the week for activities, service projects, and get-togethers.

Everyone is welcome here.

New to Church -Ward Bishop

This is the bishop.

New to Church -Ward Bishop

He’s a volunteer who has been chosen to lead the congregation and is happy to answer any questions you have.

Sacrament Hymn

The service begins with a song.

Then the most important part of the meeting:


Sacrament bread

This is a sacred ceremony that was begun by Jesus Himself.

It symbolizes the sacrifice of His body and His blood, which was shed for us. Participating in it gives us a chance to remember Him and think about His role in our lives.


We pass trays of bread and water around to everyone who comes.

Visitors are welcome to join in or just pass the tray along.

After the sacrament, you’ll get the chance to hear from other people in the congregation who have been invited to share a prepared message.

Let’s meet the speakers you’ll hear from today.

Church Meeting

This is Maddie.

She’s 14, on the swim team at her high school, and today she’s talking about her experiences with prayer.

Church Meeting

Next up is Bill.

He’s a father of four and has been a member of the Church for two years.

He is prepared to speak on how Jesus Christ can help us forgive others.

Church Meeting

And finally, here’s Stacey.

She’s a high school history teacher and tennis coach, and today she is speaking about charity.

Sacrament Hymn

The service ends with another song …

Praying at the Pulpit

and prayer, and everyone begins to make their way to the final meeting.

On the way, you might notice a lot of people socializing and catching up.

New to Church - Socializing

That’s because we’re taught to love and take care of one another, so often the people here end up feeling a lot like family.

Don’t be surprised if a few people introduce themselves to you.

Sunday School Class

After the main service, you’ll attend a class with your peers.

Here you’ll engage in discussions about the teachings of Jesus and practical ways to use them in your life.

Going to Church

And that’s it! Church is over, but feel free to stay and get to know a few new friends.


Many members even take some time after church to study a little more with their family at home.


Church services may be altered to follow public health guidelines. Contact the missionaries for local information.

  • A Typical Sunday

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Going to Church

New to Church

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Going to Church

New to Church

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Ever wonder what it’s like at church? We’ll take you through what typically happens on Sunday (and throughout the week) at church and why.

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